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What happens after I register?
There is no obligation or cost to contact us. Once we receive your information, you are on your way to meeting your relationship and social goals, whether you want to just make friends, date, or even get married. One of our counselors will contact you to help you get involved.

What can I expect from
You can expect us to continue the business and ethical practices that made us the leader in the Christian community. We are members of the Christian Coalition of Ethical Business, the BBB, and the Chamber of Commerce. We have been featured numerous times on The 700 Club, the Worldwide Christian News, and are recommended by well respected Christian authors, counselors, and Church leaders. You can utilize our system of nationwide offices.

Is there a cost to get involved?
Yes, We have grown to the largest Christian singles organization in the nation by offering reasonable memberships. We never let cost get in the way of anyone becoming a member.

How do I know what company to trust?
Do your homework. What have Christian leaders said about the company? We have the credentials that we are sure you will trust. We have earned the trust of our members since 1986. We will try our very best to earn yours.

What are my obligations?
You are in control of the time you invest in our activities, and who you select and choose to meet.

Is registering safe and private?
Yes, We have never marketed names or personal information.

Why register today?
We have members that need you to join and maybe complete their search for a compatible partner. You may need to increase your circle of friends. Why be alone? The hardest part is always the beginning. Also, by registering with, you automatically receive a 15% off coupon! Remember you are under no obligation.

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